Are you thinking about installing a garden awning and are wondering what the benefits may include for your pets? Alongside matching your home’s style and allowing you to extend your living area, your garden awning offers the perfect place for your pet to snooze or play all year round. Here, we’re taking a look at the benefits of a garden awning for your pet.


Relief From The Heat

For dogs in particular, the hot summer months can be challenging and cooling down after playtime can be especially difficult without enough shade around. A garden awning can be the ideal option if you’re looking to increase the amount of shade in your garden, making an ideal retreat for pets seeking relief from the heat. It is extremely important to give your pets plenty of shade in the summer months, as exposure to the sun can lead to dehydration and overheating, which can unfortunately even be fatal! A garden awning will not only provide your pets with some shade from the damaging UV rays, but it can help to protect you too.


Protection From The Elements

For many pets, in particular cats, the great outdoors is where they want to be the most. But what if they want to head outside in the winter for a snooze or even just to watch the world go by, and they have to tackle snow, rain, hail or strong winds? A garden awning can provide the perfect protection from the elements. Whether snow, rain or hail, a garden awning offers an ideal way for them to enjoy the outdoors without getting wet or cold.


A Play Thing

While you may not necessarily want your pets sitting on your awning (particularly cats with sharp claws!), it can actually be very stimulating for your pet to have a new place to explore and play in your garden. Awnings offer a brand-new way for your pet to be up high, allowing them to dominate their territory – although of course if your dog manages to find a way up there it’s highly likely you’ll have to get them straight back down again!


Socialise With Their Owners

For many animals, dogs in particular, they are left to run around the garden on their own as their owners attend to other more pressing matters within the home. While this isn’t a problem, some pets need more human interaction and an awning can provide them with this missing piece of their playtime. With an awning, owners can head outdoors with their pet, whether day or night, no matter the weather and interact and socialise with their pet more than ever before. In the summer, you can sit in the shade with your pet at your feet – what’s more relaxing than that!

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