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Throughout the other three seasons of the year, we can all find ourselves longing for the summer months. The weather gets warmer and the sun undoubtedly makes everything appear brighter and happier, however we can find ourselves unnecessarily stressed about getting our gardens summer ready, especially if we have any events coming up. Whether you’ve been waiting to completely re-do your garden but the weather hasn’t been kind, or you simply want to spruce up your space to give it a new lease of life, now is the perfect time to get started! With the warmer weather fast approaching, there’s no better time to get the garden space you always wanted to enjoy this summer! To give you a head start, we’ve put together a simple list of some of the essentials you can’t forget for the coming season.


Preparing your garden for summer can be overwhelming, especially when you don’t know where to start! Whether you are looking to entertain your friends and family with the ultimate BBQ, or you just want to maintain your beautiful flower garden, changeable weather conditions can make this a challenging feat. However, with the right weather-friendly lawn mower and sturdy gardening tools you can have your garden looking immaculate in no time and with minimal fuss, allowing you to relax and enjoy the beautiful summer weather completely stress-free. It’s important to ensure that your grass remains healthy during the hot weather and so investing in a decent sprinkler or another kind of watering system certainly wouldn’t go amiss!

To make your garden seem more inviting you could opt for introducing an array of foliage and fauna in a range of colours for a little bit of variety. This will make your garden not only look stunning for you and your guests, but attract wildlife including butterflies, bees and even a variety of birds. Fixing up your garden’s greenery will bring in wildlife and allow you to enjoy the weather in a garden that looks and feels inviting and well cared for. You can entertain with confidence in a space that is perfectly tailored to reflect you and the rest of your home!


Speaking of entertainment, the summer months often bring family and friends together to enjoy some fun in the sun and for this you’re going to need the ultimate source of entertainment – of course, we’re talking about a barbeque. A BBQ is pretty much an essential piece of garden furniture for anyone looking to host guests during summer, letting you feed and entertain the masses without overcrowding a kitchen or dining room.

You can make the afternoon and evening even more special by introducing a fire pit into your garden! You can enjoy the summer nights and relax with just enough warmth to take away the evening chill so you can chat away into the evening, making the best summer memories possible along the way. If you have children and don’t feel comfortable with a fire pit, you could opt for enclosed outdoor heaters and fairy lights to add a whole new ambience to your garden.


There’s no denying that comfort is also very important when spending time in the garden, not least because it is an extension of your home. Luxury garden furniture can be added to any outdoor space to promote ultimate comfort beyond the back door of your home. With outdoor sofas and individual chairs available to buy, it is easier than ever to create a permanent place of luxury and comfort. With previously mentioned additions such as heaters and lighting, you can create the ultimate entertainment space without worrying about the dropping temperature in the evenings.

Of course, we couldn’t round off this post without mentioning our garden awnings that can be tailored entirely to your garden. Our residential awnings allow you to create a permanent place in the shade, giving you the opportunity to enjoy your garden without the risk of being burned by the sun. All of our awnings are reasonably priced and come with professional installation, so you can have the outdoor space you’ve always dreamed of, allowing you to enjoy it all whether you’re entertaining guests or simply venturing outdoors for the evening. We have a wide range of options available including a variety of fabrics and patterns to fit any colour theme you can think of, so you can be sure that you will get the right awning for you without having to compromise!

Being able to enjoy the sun whilst staying safe is simpler than ever before and creating the ultimate extension of your home this summer could be as simple as adding a brand-new awning. If you’d like more information about our awnings, feel free to get in touch with us today!