A huge number of people in the UK enjoy gardening, as it’s calming, allows you to make your home look great and can help you to get out and about in your garden throughout the year so that you can make the most of the outdoors. It’s even been proven that gardening can count as a light form of exercise!

If you love gardening, chances are you often head to the internet for tips and answers to some confusing questions you may have about your garden. Often, it can be difficult to figure out why your plants aren’t growing, or what the best conditions for a certain plant should be; especially if you don’t know anyone with more experience than you in gardening! This is where the internet can really come into its own, and there are more than enough blogs out there for you to follow to get the information you need.

Blogs can provide you with interesting reading material, as well as being a fantastic source of advice for budding gardeners. The bloggers that run these online resources are often experts in their own right, either working within the industry or having cultivated a love of gardening for many years now.

We have ranked the blogs based on the topics they cover, for example, gardening advice, product reviews etc…

Did you know that …

  • The tallest ever sunflower, and the one that set the Guinness World Record, was 7.76m tall!
  • We know think of carrots as orange in colour, but they actually come in all kinds of colours! You can find purple, white and yellow carrots!
  • Growing fruits and vegetables in your garden allows you to enjoy great-tasting food, while also saving money and making the most of the natural nutrients that can be found in home-grown veggies!

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