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The British weather is renowned for being unpredictable and being able to confidently relax outside and enjoy the weather can prove to be a struggle. However, with one of our awnings in Walton-on-Thames, you can confidently enjoy your garden or outdoor space without fear of what the weather might bring. Our durable awnings will ensure shelter from the rain and protection from the sun’s damaging rays so you can enjoy the fresh air no matter the weather.

We offer a variety of different awnings in Walton-on-Thames, including residential and commercial varieties. Our residential awnings include garden awnings, patio awnings, garden shades and Dutch canopies, while our commercial awnings can be used for anything from restaurants, shops and pubs, with a collection of school awnings, smoking shelters and even custom work to ensure that you’re getting exactly what you require.

With a wide range of colour and pattern options to choose from, there’s no limit to what we can offer. You can take a look at our catalogue online or in-store, and choose a pattern to suit your tastes. From there, we can install your new awnings in Walton-on-Thames over patio doors, windows, doorways and more. We offer free professional installation with all of our awnings, so rest assured that your new awning will be fitted correctly.

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Residential Awnings Walton-on-Thames

With Bushy Park and the Isabella Plantation for those wanting a relaxing day in the sun, and Thorpe Park for thrill-seekers, Walton-on-Thames is right at the centre of the action. However, despite the amazing opportunities in the area, sometimes we just need to relax at home and what better way to do just that than in our very own gardens? Our collection of residential awnings Walton are an ideal addition to any garden. Whether you have a larger garden and are looking to craft a retreat from the sunshine, or your garden is much smaller and could benefit from a retractable awning, we have something for every need.

We pride ourselves on our range – we know just how important your garden can be to you and so an awning that suits your individual style and the overall aesthetic of the garden is a must.

With our range of colours and patterns to choose from, we’ll help you find the right match for your garden no matter how unique the requirements. Our bespoke service is designed to ensure our customers are left content and with the garden they’ve dreamed of.
Here at Regal Awnings, we want to offer the best residential awnings Walton has to offer and we believe that that goes beyond the awning itself. As a result, we offer professional fitting and installation by one of our in-house professionals to ensure that your awning will start its life at its best. With our professional fitting, you can rest assured that your awning will stand the test of the elements, while improving its lifespan and overall performance.

Every one of the awnings we have available in Walton-on-Thames is built with you in mind, so if you’d like to order your very own or have any questions, why not get in touch with us today?

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