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With long summer evenings and warmer weather comes the perfect opportunity to enjoy our gardens, but what about when things get too hot, or we even get hit by some typical British rain? Our collection of awnings in Gillingham will protect you from blistering sunshine for some much-needed shade, and even offer the perfect solution for enjoying your garden even in wet conditions.

For your garden or outdoor space, our awnings in Gillingham can not only provide outdoor protection from the elements but can even keep your house cool during hot weather. When the sun hits your windows, the heat can spread around your home, and we all know how hot and humid it can feel. With an awning or canopy outside of your window, you can shield your windows from the sun, and keep your home cooler for longer without needing to break out the air conditioner or fan.

If you’re looking for a commercial awning, we have a range to choose from too. Our commercial awnings in Gillingham can be used for shop fronts, schools, restaurants, pubs, and even smoking shelters. With an awning, you can protect your customers, students and employees from rain and shine just as you would at home, and we can ensure that they are fitted perfectly to your building in both design, and installation.

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Residential Awnings Gillingham

Gillingham is home to some amazing opportunities to relax, including The Strand where you can enjoy the promenade and watch the ships sail by, and Capstone Farm Country Park for a more in-land stroll. However, for those of us who prefer the comforts of home, finding the best residential awnings Gillingham has to offer could be the perfect solution to creating your ideal relaxing outdoor space. Set out your deck chairs and enjoy your time alone, or with your loved ones or guests and give them the option of enjoying the sun, or keeping cool in the shade.

Our residential awnings Gillingham come with an incredible amount of customisation potential. We use three manufacturers who can offer different colours, patterns, and material types to fit the style of your garden.

We understand that many of us are proud of our gardens, so we’re confident that we can find the right colour and design that you need no matter your current garden aesthetic.

Our collection of residential awnings Gillingham range from simple garden awnings for effective shade and sun protection, to sturdy patio awnings that work as a feature piece as well as something practical. You can choose the right one not just for your requirements, but for what you want. Practicality is a must, but we’re passionate about making sure that you get the awning that you’ll love.

If you’d like to find out more about the awnings we have on offer here at Regal Awnings, or you have any questions about our professional installation service, feel free to get in touch with us here today. You can give us a call or fill in our simple enquiry form, after which a knowledgeable member of our team will get back to you soon.

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