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Owning a home with a garden is a privilege that most of us are grateful to have. Having access to our own private space to sit back and relax is an amazing feeling, and with one of our awnings in Stevenage, you can relax in style no matter what the weather may be. With warmer weather, you can enjoy a reprieve from the heat in the shade, and with all of our awnings being waterproof, you’ll also be protected from even the most torrential of rain.

As well as protecting you while outside, our awnings in Stevenage can even help your home internally. We all know how hot and stuffy our homes can feel when the sun is beating through the window, but with a residential awning or a canopy, you can shield your windows from the sun and keep your home cooler for longer. Better yet, our retractable awnings allow you to tuck it neatly away to let the sunshine in when it’s a little colder, helping you reduce the total of your heating bills during the cooler months.

All of our awnings in Stevenage come in a range of different designs, with material available in a whole host of different colours and shades to suit any design. We understand that you may have spent hours perfecting your garden, and so we’re proud to offer a catalogue of different colours for you to choose from so that you can find one to suit your own individual style and your overall garden aesthetic.

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Residential Awnings Stevenage

Stevenage is a bustling town in Hertfordshire, and sits only 32.9 miles away from central London. This busy city has its attractions, from Fairlands Valley Park, to the Partyman World of Play for families to enjoy, but sometimes all we need is our own space to sit back and relax. Come rain or shine, our gardens should always be available to give us the fresh air that we need, and with our collection of residential awnings Stevenage, you can relax in style.

Our collection of residential awnings Stevenage opens up your garden to use all year round. Even when it’s raining, you can sit outside underneath a strong and sturdy awning, garden canopy, Dutch canopy or patio awning and listen to the relaxing sound of the rain. When the sun does come out, keep your awning up for a cooler spot to sit when you need a break from the sunshine.

Alternatively, our retractable canopies give you the opportunity to tuck away the canopy to open up a seating area to the sunshine, with quick operation to put it back up when needed!

All of our canopies come with free professional installation as standard, and we will make sure that, while offering the most bespoke residential awnings Stevenage has to offer, we are also making sure that it’s a long-term investment. Professional installation and fitting will ensure that your awning will operate correctly and for a long time, so you can have peace of mind knowing that you’re getting an awning worth having.

If you’d like to order from us today, or would like more information about our awnings or the installation process, feel free to get in touch with us today.

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