With the warmer weather finally in reaching distance, the dream of sitting on your patio sipping a cold drink while laughing with your friends and family is finally becoming more of a reality. The addition of a patio awning can completely transform your outdoor space, extending your living area as you enjoy the fresh air with overhead shelter. Whether you like to spend some time outdoors unwinding with a book, hosting BBQ parties with your loved ones or simply watching the kids play in the garden, the addition of a modern patio awning means you can do exactly that without the worry of the unpredictable weather ruining your plans. To provide you with some inspiration for your home, we’ve pulled together some of our favourite patio awning ideas to help you find a starting point.

Keep it traditional

If your home is a brimming with history and originality, maintain the aesthetic by adding a modern patio awning that is designed with traditional touches. A garden shade canopy is a firm favourite for comfortable and cosy homes as the simple design is a timeless classic that will never go out of fashion. Whether you choose a neutral colour to blend into the background or go for a traditional striped design to add more character, find patio awning ideas that won’t interrupt the well loved appearance of your property.

Stick to simplicity 

If you are one for the minimalistic approach, living in a trendy home that oozes contemporary touches, maintain appearances by opting for glass verandas. By extending your home with a solid structure that adds to your living space, you can enjoy the new space without having to undergo structural changes. Being one of the most modern patio awning ideas, the stylish finish creates a visual enhancement which provides shelter without blocking out the view, allowing you to admire the clear blue sky or starry night from within.

Keep the sun out of your eyes

When you are relaxing in your home, the glare of the sun beaming through the windows can be an ongoing nuisance that disrupts your everyday activity. One of the most underrated patio awning ideas is a Dutch canopy, creating a shield on the window which not only shields you from the elements, but creates a fun and cosy aesthetic that you can design as you please. If the thought of a constant sun block puts you off, utilise the capabilities of modern patio awnings by picking a design that can fold right away as and when you prefer.

Here at Regal Awnings, we are on hand to bring your patio awning ideas to life, transforming your home with the addition of quality awnings. With hundreds of fabrics, colours and styles to choose from, it has never been as easy to create modern patio awnings that suit the aesthetic of your property. For more information or to request a free brochure, do not hesitate to reach out to our friendly team.