When it comes to attracting customers, every little detail counts. Carefully designed branded awnings help you to stand out amongst the crowd and create a statement piece which can be utilised by customers and staff alike. From a weather covering above outdoor café seating to a stylish shop front focal point to grab the attention of passers-by, creating a canopy for shop fronts offers a whole hope of customisable options.

Using Psychology for Branded Awnings

When designing a canopy for shop fronts or restaurants, the colour has a big impact on how your customers’ perceive your business. The colour and messaging of choice can influence their mood and could make the difference to them walking on by or stepping inside. For example, black signifies elegance and can be easily used to provide a contrast with your brand colours for a simplistic look, whereas green represents nature and health which is comforting for those looking for a relaxing atmosphere. When designing branded awnings, creating a design in line with your surroundings whilst providing positive brand messages will help create the best possible image for your brand.

Carefully Positioning a Canopy for Shop Fronts

With an awning being such a focal point for store and restaurant owners, choosing the best location can make all the difference. The location will be dependent on the purpose of your branded awnings, but generally it should be a selling point to customers and make them want to choose you rather than your competitors. Most commonly, a canopy for shop fronts will be positioned above the main entrance and will help grab the attention of passers-by. For many restaurants, cafés and bars however, it is a great addition to outdoor spaces and provides customers with an outdoor area to enjoy even during spells of bad weather. An outdoor canopy provides extra seating space which can be used as shade from the direct sun as well as protection from the rain, offering customers a reason to visit all year round.

Less is more

Although the options for branded awnings are extensive, keeping the design in line with your company branding is important. A canopy for shop fronts should make it clear that it belongs to your business due to the colour and branding, but making the design too complex may have the opposite effect you are looking for. Simplicity is key, a simple brand name or short message is more than enough to catch the eye and needs to be big enough to be visible from passers-by without cluttering.

Going the Extra Mile

Here at Regal Awnings, we offer branded awnings for businesses of all kinds and our experienced team of professionals are on hand to offer you bespoke solutions of the highest quality. To make sure your canopy for shop fronts stand out, we offer a range of fully bespoke optional extras such as lighting and heating in addition to your choice of frames and models. Give your customers yet another reason to become a regular visitor!