So, you’ve decided to install an awning in your garden, over your terrace, or on your shop front. Now, you need to decide what you want your brand-new awning to look like. This is one of the most difficult parts of installing an awning and with so many colours, patterns and variations to choose from, ensuring that you have the perfect awning colour scheme is paramount. Here, we’re taking a closer look at how you can choose the perfect awning colour scheme for your home or business.

Extend Your Living Area

One of the best features of a garden awning is that it gives you an opportunity to extend your living area. If you’re purchasing an awning for this reason, to make your outdoor space homelier, then you may want to consider ensuring that your awning colour scheme matches the colours and designs that are already featured in your home. For example, if you have a neutral colour scheme throughout your house, then keep to this when it comes to choosing the colour of your awning. If, however, you have a very modern black and white theme, try to complement this with a grey awning – black can attract the sun which can make the area underneath the awning very hot, so be careful of this when choosing your colour scheme.

A Colour Scheme Fit For Purpose

If you’re looking to have your awning situated over a shop, then why not opt for the traditional striped shop awning. This can help your shop to stand out from the crowd, while providing your customers and potential visitors with safety from the elements in both rain or shine. A striped shop awning can be a great way to maintain a traditional look for your shop while helping to attract attention.

Branded Awnings

If you own a restaurant, store, or other commercial property then a branded commercial awning could be the ideal choice for you. This can match your business’ branding and colour scheme, while allowing you to shout about who you are with very effective advertising that people can see from up the street. Bespoke branded awnings are one of the areas we specialise in here at Regal Awnings, and we truly believe that they give businesses an unrivalled presence in their location. If you have a restaurant with an outdoor seating area, then this is truly the perfect match for your business.

A Modern Age

If you prefer to stay away from traditional stripes and white frames then the modern age is more than capable of catering for your exact requirements. At Regal Awnings, we have more than 300 different pattern variations so if you want something more unique than stripes or block colour, then we are certain to provide you with a solution. Alongside colours and patterns, the fabric of the awning you choose is also entirely bespoke so you can benefit from the highest quality materials while ensuring that your colour scheme matches throughout.
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