When hosting a summer BBQ, there are various elements for you to consider such as seating arrangements, fun activites to host and the food that will be available to your guests, including those with specific dietary requirements. While this can sound stressful, it doesn’t have to be. With careful planning,hosting the perfect summer BBQ is easy. Here’s what you need to consider.


When planning the perfect summer BBQ, decorating the area where you plan to eat, drink and dance the night away can make a big difference. Small additions such as balloons filled with confetti, multicoloured bunting and fairy lights can instantly make the space seem more inviting. In addition to these easy to get hold of decorations, a DIY photo booth can add an interactive element to the event and allow your guest to snap away and make memories. The addition of props can be an amusing addition to any summer party!


It’s also important to plan the food that you are going to serve.BBQ’s are generally all about finger food and enjoying the company you are with, and so a buffet style summer BBQ may be the best option. Not only will this help ensure that everybody can help themselves, but it means you won’t have to slave over a BBQ and miss out on the fun your guests are having. This style of dining is also good if you have a lot of children within the family, as they could become restless if they are sat down for long periods of time.


By far, the most important aspect of the perfect summer BBQ is the weather as this could make or break the event. When planning your summer BBQ, take a look at the weather forecast and be sure to inform your guests that the event is subject to change based on the weather.After all, a summer BBQ is no fun in the pouring rain! Should you have no choice but to move the date of your BBQ as a result of the weather, be sure to rearrange your gathering in advance to ensure everyone is still able to attend. If the weather is scorching hot, be sure to provide a form of shelter for your guests, as being in the sun for too long can cause damage to the skin. This is particularly important if there are children attending the event.

Tips and Tricks

When looking to host a party outside, it’s vital to deter any bugs such as gnats so that your guests can enjoy their time without being bitten. A simple yet effective way of doing this is to place either vanilla or lemon oil on a plate in areas of your garden that are prone to infestation. For additional protection, placing a homemade candle on the table or keeping a bug spray close by will help repel gnats and flies, enabling you and your guests to enjoy the exciting spread of food in peace.


Regardless of your perfect summer BBQ plans, it’s crucial to protect yourself from the beating sun rays. On a hot day, it’s easy to become dehydrated, and so it’s crucial to ensure your guests have a constant flow of water. Moreover, the simple addition of an garden awning or canopy will help to protect your guests, and create an effortlessly stylish area for you to enjoy this summer. Regal Awnings provide a range of choices for luxury awnings for outside your home to protect you whilst you enjoy the sun, reducing the risk of sunburn. Get in touch to find out more about the bespoke awnings on offer, today.