Looking for the perfect garden awning for your home can be confusing, but with multiple different types of awning available to you, you can be certain to find the perfect one for your garden. Whether you’re looking for a custom built awning, or one which has already been created, the range of garden awnings which we have available are certain to suit your requirements and your budget. Have a look at the most common types of residential awnings and decide which one best suits your requirements, below.

Garden Shade

When you decide to purchase the perfect awning for your garden, it is important that you consider what you will be using it for. The ‘Garden Shade Canopy’ allows you to sit out and enjoy nature around you without getting burnt. This particular awning is often an affordable option and allows you to have the outside area that you want without paying through the roof to get it. In addition to getting a high-quality awning, you can also make this awning look like an extension of your home by customising it any way that you want by choosing the shades of colour you want to match your house and your existing interior décor. Extending your living space has never been easier!

Dutch Canopies

With a sturdy design and customisable material, the Dutch Canopy is the perfect solutio allowing you to enjoy your garden no matter the weather. With a variety of sizes and quick installation, you can enjoy your new garden space in no time without any damage to your home parcel companies. The material is of the highest quality, helping to ensure it remains intact even through some of the harshest of weather conditions. The ‘Dutch Canopy’ even has a mechanical system which puts away your awning, allowing you to relax and enjoy knowing that everything is taken care of.

Patio Awning

There are many different styles of Patio Awnings to choose from, some which are permanent and others which are not. The permanent style ‘Patio Awning’ is often more expensive, however it is a perfect long-term solution as it can provide shade at the push of a button. With your patio awning being attached to the outside of the house, it is easy  to store neatly and maintain to ensure you get the best use out of your permanent awning. Alternatively, you can purchase an awning for your house that can be dismantled and removed. This is ideal for those with lots of space that are looking for short-term protection from the shade, such as for a party or event, as you can move the ‘Patio Awning’ to wherever you need it to be. However, this then presents the problem of storage as the poles can be difficult to store and the awning could get lost or even damaged in the garden shed.

There are so many options to choose from when you are looking for the ideal garden awning, however, we recommened that you do thorough research to ensure that you purchase the awning that is most suitable for you! Get in touch with a member of our expert team to discuss your requirements, today.