If you haven’t already installed an awning to your home, then you’re missing out! There are a number of benefits of having an awning set up on the side of your home including that it can help protect your furniture from the sun and heavy spells of rainfall which the UK is prone to experiencing. Whether you have decided to jump on the bandwagon this year or not, if the idea of a bespoke awning is lingering in the back of your mind, you will want to ensure that you are following the top upcoming awning trends in order to make sure that your awning perfectly complements your home or business. As we are now over halfway through 2018, we are already starting to have a think about what style of awning we need for 2019. Here’s what you need to know.

Awnings have rapidly grown in popularity in recent years and have quickly become a common feature in gardens across the United Kingdom. With temperatures peaking this summer, those with an awning were grateful that they had made the investment when they did; they basked in the shade and enjoyed the warmth, and will continue to appreciate the shelter in the winter.

The newly-found love for awnings is set to continue to grow as we move into 2019, so we have decided to give you an insight into what the awning trends for the upcoming year are going to be to enable you to get ahead of the game and be part of the awning phenomenon.

Custom-Made Awnings

Each home is individual and has different needs and by personalising your awning, you can ensure that your home’s requirements are met both inside and out of your property. Regardless of whether you require an awkwardly-shaped awning or have a particularly small space which you would like to protect from various weather elements, purchasing a custom-made awning will help ensure the perfect fit. What’s more, having a custom-made awning also enables you to choose the material and design of your awning, making it a feature that everyone will want installed in their own gardens.

Colour Trends

Choosing the colour of your awning is very important as, because it is on the outside of your house, it will instigate the first impression of your home to your neighbours as well as your family and friends when they visit and sit in the garden.

Each colour and shade have their own meaning and significance, so in 2019, choose the colour of your awning wisely! You should have a red awning, for example, if the exterior of your home is painted yellow, tan or white. A solid colour and the traditional stripe are still the most popular choices and they are set to remain the favourites through 2019, too!

The colour of your awning is perhaps the most important thing to consider when making your purchase, as this is often what creates the first impression. You need to ensure that you choose the colour of your awning according to the colour of the outside of your house. You can choose to match or clash depending on your personal style but solid, block colours will continue to make an appearance in 2019, alongside the traditional stripe.

Material Trends

As much as awnings made of canvas material have worked previously, glass awnings have recently begun to take the industry by storm. They are sleek and stylish and are subtler than the standard canvas awning and are suitable for any style of home. They are also completely waterproof and promise to provide buyers with that all-important star-gazing experience. Glass awnings will continue to make appearances in 2019 and their popularity will continue to rise as more people opt for a glass awning over a traditional awning.

While colours are an important factor to consider when choosing your awning, we recommend that you customise yours to suit your personal style, so that the colour complements the exterior of your house. By personally designing your awning, it also means that you can be sure that your awning will fit the space you want it to. When you design your own awning, you can choose from a number of materials and various styles, so that your awning is unique and a real eye-catcher.

Garden Trends

Garden awnings continued to be popular in gardens in 2018, with the main purpose of being able to enjoy alfresco living. While British weather is unpredictable, we still love to spend time outside whenever we get a chance to. Awnings can be used for two reasons; not only do they provide shade on incredibly warm summer days, but they are also able to protect you from the rain.

As previously mentioned, garden awnings have proven to be a huge hit, especially during the scorching summer that we have just endured. With the summer weather being so unpredictable in the UK, we never truly know what it is going to do which is why garden awnings are so fantastic; they create plenty of shade to protect you from the glistening sun, in addition to providing protection from the often sudden rain showers. An awning enables you to enjoy the fresh air of the outside whilst being sheltered. Outdoor living, especially in the garden, has become a trend across the UK and America, so by purchasing a garden awning, you will fit right into the movement for 2019.

Winter Trends

We understand that it is difficult to think about the winter now, especially when we have had months of non-stop sun, however, the winter months come around a lot quicker than you think and there are a number of ways you can prepare your awning for the colder season. While it’s easy to keep your awning out of mind during the winter months, it’s important to spend time checking over the quality of your awning. This will help ensure that when summer comes back around, you are completely prepared to spend time in the sunshine with your friends and family.

How Do I Prepare For 2019?

Before we leave the summer months behind and enter autumn and winter, you need to ensure that you check your awning over for any wear and tear. The winter months can be quite harsh on the awning, so we recommend that you check it regularly and in between seasons. This can help ensure that your awning remains in good condition, helping prolong the life of your garden feature.

The New Year might still be a few months away, but it’s never too earlier to begin considering the top upcoming awning trends for 2019. For more information about the products that we offer, get in touch with a member of our friendly expert team on 01708 869 290, today.