As the days get shorter and the weather becomes colder, you may be thinking about how to best protect your home, garden or even a commercial building against the harsh conditions. We’re quickly moving towards the winter months and our gardens may fall out of use, but did you know that now might be the best time to install your garden awnings? Here, we’re going to take a closer look into why this just might be the case.


Commercial and residential awnings are excellent for protecting your business or house from both the sun and the rain but with the height of the garden season behind us, buying your awning now could mean that you find some amazing bargains and discounts for you to grab. Due to not many people even thinking about buying and installing their awning at this time of year, you can save some serious money.


With the days growing darker and the brightest seasons behind us, you may want to inject a spot of cheer back into your garden. A spot of colour amongst dark and dreary skies can draw the eye and either help bring some life back to your garden or attract shoppers to your store. In a season where shopping is at an all-time high, there is no better time to make the investment.

More Time Outside

By installing a residential retractable awning, for example, you can continue to spend time outside even when it is either cold, dark or a wet day. With fresh air being essential for our health, spending as much time outside as possible is the best thing we can do, so an awning to protect you from the elements and an outdoor heater can create a cosy, inviting winter garden.

Selling Your Home

If you are looking to sell your home, adding an awning to your garden could actually add value. A garden is becoming a rarer commodity, but those that are willing to pay for the privilege are looking for quality. For that reason, an awning could not only add value but attract buyers too. At Regal Awnings, we have a variety of different colours, materials and styles to choose from. We can even install it for you with a flawless finish, which potential buyers will love.

All Year Round

Awnings are a great investment for year-round protection in your garden. You can protect you, your house and your outdoor furniture from the sun, rain and other harsh weather. This helps to reduce fading, damage and can prevent you from having to pay out for replacements or fixes for longer. You can enjoy your garden all year round regardless of the weather.

Prepare For Summer

By installing your awning now, you will be able to miss all of the awning installation stress when businesses or families decide to invest at the beginning of the summer, as you will be one step ahead of them. Start enjoying the outdoors straight away, while everyone else is sorting out their awning!

However, we do recommend that you ensure that your awning is set up and stored away from the winter frost and ice, as this can cause damage to your awning. Allow time for the ice to melt around the mechanisms and remove the awning slowly to prevent any damage. Once this is done, you can enjoy your outside space even during those crisp mornings.
If you’re interested in an awning this autumn, feel free to browse our catalogue, or get in touch with our team, today.