In recent years, the popularity of awnings has risen. With a large number of benefits, including the ability to provide shelter from the sun and smarten-up a front window, it’s no surprise that these contraptions are popping up more often across the country. With such a wide variety of styles and colours to choose from, there has never been a better time to buy an awning or two! Discover why we offer interest-free finance on awnings, below.

Why Are We Offering It?

Interest-free finance on awnings provides our customers with several benefits. In a nutshell, it will enable you to pay off a large sum of the awning now, with the opportunity to spread the remaining cost over an agreed length of time, interest-free. By dividing the payments up, it will be easier for you to be able to purchase products you might not be able buy otherwise, helping to make larger purchases far more mangagable. What’s more, thanks to our interest-free service, you can rest assured that you won’t be required to pay more money on top of what you already owe. By doing this, our customers can buy a custom-made awning without having to worry about the additional costs that may occur as a result of their purchase further down the line.

There are a number of advantages to installing an awning in your garden or outdoor space. Whether you are looking to protect your loved ones from the harmful rays radiated by the sun in the height of summer or want to ensure your customers are able to continue enjoying the alfresco lifstyle when it rains, an awning can be a perfect solution. In addition, an awning can also help you save energy on your air conditioning budget, by reducing the heat gain in the area that they are installed in.

Further to this, an awning can also be a big selling point for your home and can increase the value of it. An awning provides sophistication, opening up your outside space and ultimately extending your living space. Therefore, installing an awning in your back garden is a simple change that could make a big difference to your home’s sale price.

Awnings are also fantastic because they can keep your furniture in good condition. The awning will protect your furniture from sunlight which would cause them to fade. This allows you to benefit from even more savings as you won’t need to buy new garden furniture as frequently as a result of aging and sun damage. It can also protect furniture in the house too, by offering shade instead of allowing direct sunlight through the windows or patio doors, which can fade carpet and upholstery in the living area.

Why Have A Custom-Made Awning?

Your home deserves a bespoke awning that is unique from everyone else’s, so consider having an awning custom-made to suit your every requirement. You can have your awning designed to the exact measurements you require so it will be a perfect fit. Having an awning specifically made for your home also means that you can choose exactly what shade you want as well as the design, so there won’t be another awning like yours. In addition, you can ensure that your desired pattern and colour work well with your exterior and continues your existing interior décor throughout the rest of your property.

Make the most of our interest-free finance offer when you buy an awning from us and you won’t regret it. For more information, get in touch with a member of our friendly expert team on 01708 869 290, today.