Both a glass room or conservatory make a great addition to a home, letting the natural light seep in and creating a peaceful space overlooking your garden. The extra space can go a long way with popular usage options including a relaxing seating area, dining space, home office or playroom for the children. Although a glass room or conservatory may seem like similar concepts, there are some notable differences which should be considered if you are looking to create an extension.


A conservatory is becoming a somewhat common addition to many homes across the country. The foundations are laid and a low brick wall is built to sit beneath the glass panes which are then topped with transparent or translucent glass roof panes. The definition of a conservatory has adapted over the years as they often require the same planning permission as a regular bricks and mortar extension to go ahead.

The double glazed and insulated window panes make them a great addition to the home as they can be used all year round and absorb the warmth from the sun without losing too much heat from the rest of the house. Some restrictions to conservatories include the limited designs which follow set shapes and sizes so are not suitable for all properties if they do not work with the style of the home or the limited space in the garden.

Glass rooms

Unlike conservatories, a glass room uses glass panels from the floor to the ceiling, with every aspect include the roof and doors created using panes of glass. This option allows for full views of the surroundings and can make the home extension feel like a part of the garden (with no concerns about the British weather!). The framework supporting glass rooms are most popularly dark grey in colour to provide a sleek contrast to the large glass panels; a modern aesthetic which is ideal for newer properties.

One of the key benefits to glass rooms over conservatories is the flexibility; the extension is made to measure and can be designed in any size to suit your individual preferences. The uninterrupted view across the garden is popular for those looking to enjoy the space all year round whilst still being in the comfort of the indoors. The nature of glass rooms means they do not retain the heat from the sunshine and can feel cold during the winter months. Heaters can be easily installed, similarly to an outdoor patio heater, which will mean it can be comfortably used during all weather conditions.

Making the best decision

Choosing the best glass room or conservatory for your home depends on the look you are trying to achieve, the planned use of your extension and your budget. Here at Regal Awnings, we specialise in creating bespoke glass rooms which are tailored to the needs of each customer to provide them with a stunning sunroom that the whole family can enjoy. If you would like to speak to a member of our team about the options available to you, please get in touch today.