An awning is a beautiful addition to a home or commercial property, providing a stylish outdoor area which is protected from the direct sun as well as any unexpected rainy spells. We often have people asking us how to clean an awning and whether it requires a lot of maintenance, but garden awnings are very straightforward to take care of. Cleaning an awning is a basic process and is only required from time to time to ensure it maintains its brand new appearance, often at the end of the summer once it is likely to be retracted for the winter months.

How to Clean an Awning in 4 Easy Steps

  1. To start off, use a broom to gently brush over your patio awning to remove any leaves or cobwebs which may have settled on the awning over time. This will make it much easier to clean and instantly make it look much tidier.

  2. Next you will want to fill a bucket with lukewarm water and some soap. Using a sponge or gentle scrubbing brush, carefully clean the fabric in circular motions, making sure not to use too much pressure which could leave markings. Our awnings are fully waterproof so any dirt or marks will wipe right off with no trouble.

  3. Now that the awning is looking sparkly new, it’s time to give the frame a quick clean. Using a damp cloth with your standard cleaning detergency, simply wipe down the frame to get rid of any dust or dirt.

  4. After cleaning an awning, you may find the soapy water is still present so it’s time to rinse it clean using fresh water to wash away any soapy bubbles. This can be done with another bucket of fresh water, a hose pipe or even just a damp cloth. Once your awning is clean, keep it fully extended and leave it to air dry naturally before putting away for the season.

Frequency of Cleaning an Awning

Another common question we get asked is how often you should be cleaning an awning. There’s no one answer to this as it is dependent on how often your awning is used and whether it is positioned in an area which collects a lot of debris from things like surrounding trees. Generally we say to just give it some attention when it is looking like it could do with a refresh, removing any dirt and build-up of debris.

We always suggest cleaning an awning before you put it away for long periods of time, often just before the weather begins to get chilly, as this will prevent any dirt from causing damage whilst it is not in use. Our awnings are designed to withstand the elements and use only the highest quality materials to ensure it maintains its condition and make it easy to know how to clean an awning. With marine grade fabric which is resistant to fading from sunlight and minimal maintenance required, your awning should keep its new look for plenty more years to come!