With the hot weather finally here, many of us are giving our outdoor spaces some TLC to create a relaxing area to unwind in after a busy day. Whether you want a spot to enjoy your morning coffee in, an area for the children to play freely in or a space to host a BBQ for your friends in, turn your garden into a space the whole family can enjoy this summer.

As much as we love the bright blue skies and rays of sunshine beaming down, having some shaded space to take off the intensity is needed. Installing patio awnings can make a huge difference during the hot weather, keeping you protected from the intense heat and allowing you to sit comfortably in your garden all day long. We share our favourite house awning ideas to help you create the perfect aesthetic this summer.

The perfect dining spot

The feeling of enjoying a tasty meal or sipping some ice cold drinks in the sun is hard to beat. The ability to set up your garden furniture and fire up the BBQ is one of life’s luxuries when the weather allows it; creating quality time for the whole family. Incorporating your garden furniture setup in your house awning ideas will mean you can dine under the shelter of your residential awning to avoid the glaring heat or any unexpected rain showers should they arise.

Picking the right material

With so many designs out there, narrowing down house awning ideas can be a task in itself! Although the classic canvas awning is popular for many thanks to its versatile characteristics, there is so much more available nowadays. Sleek and stylish glass awning are growing in popularity over the last few years, creating a contemporary look which suits more modern aesthetics. Giving the ability to star gaze in the night whilst staying protected from the elements, think outside of the box when it comes to finding house awning ideas that suit the style of your home.

An all year round solution

Although spring and summer tend to be the periods we utilise our garden the most, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t consider the chillier months in our house awning ideas. Being able to enjoy the health and wellbeing effects of fresh air all year long with the assistance of our garden awnings, unwind in the comfort of your garden during all weather conditions. A retractable awning is ideal for maintaining a clean and tidy awning with minimal maintenance. By being able to retract your awning whenever you choose to use it, enjoy the shelter as and when you need it.

Match your style preferences

Every one of us has different preferences, creating a home that bursts with our individual personalities. From cosy, traditional homes filled with family memories to minimalistic monochrome designs for a luxury feel, find house awning ideas that suit your style. By designing bespoke awnings in your choice of material, size, colour and design, you can’t go wrong!