With the warm weather finally upon us, many customers are on the search for beautiful restaurant gardens to enjoy. Enjoying some delicious food and drink in the lovely sunshine with our friends and family is one of life’s pleasures, being the perfect opportunity to enjoy some quality time with our loved ones. With the rise in popularity when it comes to dining alfresco under restaurant awnings, we discuss some of our favourite outdoor restaurant designs to inspire you of ways you can transform your restaurants’ outdoor space to attract for custom.

Consider the seating options

To make the best possible use of the space available to you, deciding on the best type of seating can help maximise space. Depending on the nature of your business, considering outdoor restaurant designs that align with the style of your restaurant will help maintain your brand image for the full experience. For small cafes offering delicate pastries and delicious coffees, setting up small tables and chairs on the street can add to the ambience whereas for traditional pub restaurants, sofa style outdoor furniture with cosy cushions are ideal for a hearty meal on the weekend.

Set the atmosphere with lighting

Allow your customers to enjoy the outdoors up until closing time with lighting options to suit the dark nights. Again, carefully choosing lighting options in line with your favourite outdoor restaurant designs can help set the ambiance and match the style of your venue. For livelier bars, a brighter lighting solution may be required to keep the space well lit, but in other cases, subtle string lighting or warm toned lamps will create a relaxing and cosy atmosphere for customers to enjoy.

Maintaining your brand image

To keep your outdoor restaurant designs in line with your interior, maintain a touch of consistency throughout to highlight your brand personality. Whether that’s outdoor signage, promotional boards, branded menus on the table or a consistent colour theme, make sure that your restaurant exterior is just as recognisable as the inside! With such a social media culture surrounding us nowadays, getting your branding in customers’ shots will be a great promotional asset.

Offer some shelter from the elements

Whether it’s a sudden rain downpour or the intense sunlight beaming down, keeping customers comfortable in the extreme weather conditions will go a long way. A garden awning provides a level of protection and shade for outdoor diners, sheltering them from any rain showers as they are tucking into their meal or offering shade from the bright rays of sunshine. As well as being a practical addition to outdoor restaurant designs, awnings are a great promotional tool to use. With designs available to suit all styles and aesthetics, choose an option that aligns with the nature of your restaurant and even choose whether you would like to include your branding to add an extra level of professionalism. To see what options are available to you, please get in touch with the team at Regal Awnings to help make the most of the opportunity and enhance your outdoor space.