If you’re thinking of enhancing your outdoor space, the addition of patio awnings can make a huge difference in transforming your garden. To help you make the decision, here are our top five benefits of awnings which we think you will love.

Host your family and friends all year round

There’s nothing better than enjoying the company of your loved ones, enjoying delicious food and drink whilst having a long overdue catch up. The British weather is as unpredictable as ever, leaving us worrying about rain spells ruining our plans and causing havoc. To enjoy your garden all year round, one of the key benefits of awnings is the protection it offers from any unexpected showers or the addition of shade from the sun during those hot summer afternoons.

Extend your living space

Although a residential awning is an addition to your outdoor space, another benefit of awnings is that they can give the illusion of a larger living area to enjoy. If your living space leads out to a patio, the covered area can be used as an extension during the warmer months. By adding a set of garden furniture under your awning, it will remain protected from the damp conditions and the harsh rays of the sun to keep it in good condition for ongoing use.

Cool your home in the summer months

During the heat of summer, your home can feel unpleasant and leave you struggling to keep cool. Instead of investing into a pricey air conditioning unit which can lead to high usage costs, a garden awning prevents the direct sunlight from making its way into your living area. By providing shade to the windows and walls, the amount of heat that can enter is minimised to help you stay shaded from the intense warmth.

Enjoy dining alfresco

There’s something different about dining outdoors, enjoying tasty food surrounded by the serenity of the nature around you. Whether it’s a summer BBQ with friends, your morning coffee watching the sunrise or a refreshing drink to unwind in the evening, enjoy your garden all year round with protection from the elements. Dining under an awning will ensure your meal is not interrupted by any sudden changes in weather and you are not risking causing damage to your outdoor dining setup.

Create an aesthetic that works for you

Whether you prefer a traditional, cosy feel in your garden or are looking for a statement piece for your contemporary style, the options are endless. One of the key benefits of awnings is their versatility, with a design available to suit everyone which can provide the functionality without compromising on the aesthetics.

At Regal Awnings, we offer a wide range of products which can be customised to suit your preferences and help you find the perfect awning for your property. To see the different options available and get some inspiration, order our free brochure to your home today.