A glass room adds a stunning addition to a home, creating an elegant space which looks over the garden whilst keeping you protected from the unpredictable British weather. A glass room extension offers endless opportunities, giving you a new space to work with and decorate as you desire. Here are just some of our favourite glass room design ideas to really maximise the potential of your glass room.

A dining room overlooking surrounding nature

The additional room in your home can make the perfect dining area. Offering the chance to overlook the serene surroundings of the nature outside as you dine in style, enjoy the company of your loved ones for some quality time without any distractions. For larger properties, one of the most popular glass room ideas is to include a large dining table as a focal point, making the perfect place to host glam dinner parties all year round.

Glass room design ideas to create a serene space

Perfect for kick starting the day with your morning coffee or for cosying up with a book on winter evenings, creating a tranquil space for escaping the stress of day to day life is just what you need. Put your creativity to the test and utilise your favourite glass room design ideas to create a space to help you embrace tranquillity. Include a cosy sofa or armchair, plenty of cushions and blankets, a coffee table and nice lamp to set the ambiance will give you the perfect space to enjoy a bit of well-deserved me time.

Incorporate greenery into your glass room design

Tropical plants and succulents have become a recent trend, with people looking to add a touch of greenery and find exotic looking additions to brighten up their home. Glass rooms are the perfect spot for your plants, with great access to sunlight and the warmth of the rays bursting through. In addition to the great growing conditions, incorporating plants into your glass room ideas is a great way to uplift your mood and add some beautiful touches.

Let the kids run wild with child friendly glass room ideas

Filled with bright sunlight and natural light, a glass room designed with the children in mind can provide an adorable space filled with all their toys and play accessories. Helping to keep their toys contained to one area, let them unleash their energy and enjoy their own little space in the house. In addition to having their own play space, the direct access to the garden is perfect for the summer months, opening up the door of the glass room to allow them to enjoy the outdoors in the sunny weather.

If you are yet to decide if a glass room is for you, do not hesitate to get in touch. We offer a range of stunning options which can be customised to perfectly suit your home and provide you with the extra space you’ve been looking for.