As homeowners are forced to start looking for smaller houses because of the economy or maximize the living spaces they do have, glass rooms that are flooded with light and provide an unhindered view of nature is the perfect balance between the two. The addition of glass rooms for both residential and commercial spaces is a wonderful option to add space to a property in a beautiful, energy efficient way that brings new life into properties both new and old.

Stylish Glass Rooms
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High quality, competitively priced glass rooms

The Regal Group can help to create a truly spectacular glass room that embraces nature in all its glory while allowing a home or business owner to enjoy nature all year long, no matter if it is rain or shine. From an architecturally magnificent glass room to simple but elegant glass roofs, we can provide uniquely practical custom designed glass rooms that are of the highest quality as well as a very competitive price. With the Regal Group you can have that glass room of your dreams while meeting your design budget and achieving all of the luxuries of a modern spacious home.

fitting Professional
guarantee Up To 5 -10
Year Guarantee
wide-range Wide range of
colours & accessories
intrest Interest-free
uv-protection Fabrics with maximum
UV protection

Superbly designed glass rooms for all weather conditions

Our glass rooms are designed to offer you a place where you can relax and enjoy nature, but still be able to feel cool in the summer and warm in the winter if using an outdoor patio heater while allowing the full view of nature to shine through. A big misconception with glass rooms is that they will drive up the energy bill as you try to cool them during the summer and heat them during the winter. However, with the help of the Regal Groups customization options you can have an eco-friendly glass room that is very efficient at blocking out the heat of the sun while letting in the sunshine during the summer and keeping the warmth from seeping out into the frigid cold during the winter.


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Glass rooms built to your requirements

Along with varying options on glass rooms such as different finishes and types of glass, the Regal Group can also help you to care for your glass rooms so that they are as beautiful and well maintained years into the future as they were when they were built. Glass rooms are a beautiful way to create more space in a home or business and can be just what you are looking for to revamp your space in a stylish and cost effective way.


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Frequently Asked Questions

By installing a glass room, not only can you add value to your property, but it also enhances your living space. You can use a glass room for anything you like, from a living space to even a dining room, the choice is yours!

At Regal Awnings, we offer up to 5-10 years guarantee, professional fitting services, a wide range of colours and accessories, interest-free finance and fabrics with maximum UV protection. We can help you to have the glass room of your dreams, as we help you to meet your budget, whilst achieving all the luxurious that the modern space provides.

With our customisation options, you have an efficient and eco-friendly glass room that will block out the heat from the sun and let the sun in during the summer, but also keeping the warmth from escaping during the cold winter months.

Glass rooms are brilliant for revamping your space, adding a stylish finishing touch to your property. We can ensure that your glass room is built to your requirements, so you can have your dream space and it works well with your property.

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