Once you have chosen the style of awning that you would like, and you have a colour scheme in mind, then you will need to ensure that the awning of your choice is the right size to suit its purpose. Bespoke awnings from Regal Awnings can come in a number of sizes in order to suit your every requirement, and here, we’re taking a closer look at how much area your awning should cover depending on whether it is a commercial awning or residential awning.


Residential Awning Size Guide

The main purpose of a residential awning is to extend your living area and provide your family, friends and pets with some much-needed protection from the beating sun or a sudden summer downpour. When it comes to choosing the size of your awning, you’re going to want to ensure that it covers a proportion of your garden that you think is big enough to cater for your requirements. For example, you may have a patio in your garden where you like to host events such as BBQs. Your awning should stretch over a significant proportion of this patio in order to provide the required amount of shade for your guests.

If, however, your garden is much smaller, then you may only want a small area of your garden to be covered allowing you to decide whether to opt for sun or shade depending on your mood. In addition to this, a residential awning can provide excellent protection for your furniture in the summer months, as UV light can damage the colour of soft furnishings if they are in the way of direct sunlight. Make sure that your awning covers any windows or patio doors in order to provide ultimate protection for your furnishings.


Awning Size Guide For Shops

When it comes to shop awnings, there may be some restrictions on how far your awning can stretch onto the pavement. Generally, commercial properties such as shops will need to apply for planning permission prior to installing an awning, as it may extend into a public area or even be a cause of concern for health and safety of the public walking by. It is important that you always check with the relevant planning authorities prior to installing an awning, and they are likely to provide you with guidelines of how far your awning can stretch out. You may only want the width of your awning to cover the doorway or you may want to awning to extend across the entire width of your building – the choice is up to you!


Awning Size Guide For Pubs

While you may also require planning permission of some form for an awning in a pub, the restrictions are likely to be less invasive than that of a shop. It is important to ensure that you keep in mind any smokers that may want to use the awning outside of the pub and how this could potentially impact other guests in the pub. Will you opt for a designated smoking awning or will the whole outdoors be available to smoke in? Once you have determined the purpose of your awning, you are then able to better determine the width of the awning.

At Regal Awnings, we can provide you with a bespoke solution for your commercial or residential property. Get in touch to find out more about our awnings, today!