An awning is a canopy which is attached to the wall of a building or home and provides shelter from the rain, sun and even snow. They are traditionally made from aluminium or steel and have various types and quality of fabric to choose from.

Awnings are frequently used by homeowners and are placed over porches and in back gardens where people like to relax and enjoy their garden space. House awnings create privacy for homeowners in their garden, so they can entertain guests, enjoy a meal or just sit back and enjoy the fresh air. The house awnings look great on any home and are ideal for those who wish to adapt their house without there being a huge cost. What’s more, these house awnings even add value to a home, due to the extension of space they create, which is ideal if you ever think about selling your home. The different look and colour scheme coordination between the house awning and the property are appealing for home buyers, due to their pleasant appearance.

One of the best things about having house awnings is that you can tie it into the look of your home. You can choose the pattern and style and have them hanging over windows, doorways and patio doors to create a space outside where you can relax whilst being protected from the sun. At Regal Awnings, we can help you to design a bespoke awning for your property, which adds a personalised touch and fits in seamlessly. What’s more, we can ensure that the measurements are exact, so the house awning will fit correctly when our in-house team visit your property to install your new awning or canopy.

Why Choose Regal Awnings For House Awnings?

With years of experience within in the industry, we always deliver an unparalleled customer service to all our clients, helping them to find the awning of their choice. We will help as much or as little as you would like and help make the measurements at your residential property, ensuring a custom fit for your new house awning.

We understand the benefits of house awnings and due to their longevity and durability, we can be sure that you will have an awning to enjoy for years to come from Regal Awnings. Available in a number of locations, including Kent, Surrey, Essex and Hertfordshire, we can offer flawless house awning installation services for customers across all these counties. If you live in these counties and you want to find out if we can install house awnings in your area, get in touch with our team, today. For additional information about our awnings and how you can design your own bespoke awning for your house, our friendly and experienced in-house team will be able to assist you with any questions you may have. In the meantime, browse our gallery for inspiration of designs for your house awnings for your own property.